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Great Places to Relax

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Walking around the Disneyland Resort can be a very tiring event. You could walk around Disneyland all day and forget to stop and smell the roses. I find that taking breaks here and there is a great way to really sit back and enjoy the atmosphere that Disneyland has to offer. Here are some of the places that I find great to just stop and take a load off for a few minutes.

The Old Motorboat Loading Area
Some people don't know that Disneyland used to have motorboats. The attraction has been gone for quite a while, but the loading and queue area can still be found. Disneyland now has chairs and tables in this area and the way it is designed is off of the main path so there is a very small amount of people walking by. This spot can be found directly across from the entrance to the Matterhorn. While you are there, take a look around and see if you can spot the possible route that the old motorboats used to take!

The Pizza Port Outdoor Seating Area
Though this area usually has many people in it during the day, it is a great place to take a break. The chairs are soft, it's under a roof, and it isn't out of the way to find at all. This place has a fun futuristic theme which is fun for the kids. As an added bonus, there is a full food bar inside with pasta, pizza, and salads. Not only that, it is one of the few places in the park where you can fill up your own fountain drink. This means you can get a large fountain water for free, not just one in the small water cups. On a side note, you also get free refills on soda here. Ask a cast member for details.

The Grand Californian Courtyard
Very few people have this location on their list of great places to relax. That is because it is not very well known. This courtyard lives in between Downtown Disney and the Grand Californian lobby. The trees create a unique atmosphere that is found very few places at the resort. You can smell the evergreens as a breeze blows through. There are a few benches along a small walkway and around the main courtyard itself. Listen for the monorail passing overhead for a unique view of it as it passes by this beautiful forest courtyard.

The Hungry Bear Restaurant Downstairs Seating Area
This location has it all. Try to seat next to the water of Rivers of America to get some unique interaction with the ducks of Disneyland. They know people eat here and that means feeding time! They come in by the dozens sometimes and kids really get a kick out of feeding the ducks. If you aren't getting food, it is still a great place to just take a rest. Being so close to the water keeps this shaded area nice and cool as you feel the breeze come off the river. Unique sights from here include the passing Mark Twain, Columbia Pirate Ship, and other things traveling along the river. It is definitely one of my favorite places to relax!

The Grand Californian Lobby

If you are looking for a place of simple relaxation, definitely check out this location. The Disney Grand Californian Lobby is a HUGE room with plenty of comfortable chairs to lounge around in. Even though many people are constantly walking around this lobby, the size really makes it feel relaxed and you hardly even notice. In the center of the room sits a grand piano and if you are lucky there will be a cast member playing familiar Disney tunes as you hang out. Off to one side there is a nook with a fireplace. This really gives you the "gather around the fire" feeling. In fact, they go as far as having storytime by the fireplace for children. For details on times, ask a cast member.

I hope you enjoyed our first article in the series of great places to relax. Stay tuned for more. If you have any great suggestions to be included in future articles, please leave them in a comment below!


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