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Fastpass Guide

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What is a Fastpass?
A fastpass is Disney’s GENIUS way of making it so that guests can do multiple attractions in one day. It is more or less a “ticket” to get into a line that avoids the majority of people and gets you on the ride with minimal wait time.

How does it work?
The fastpass system is simple. You go to the ride you want to go on that offers fastpasses and put your park entrance ticket into the fastpass machine. The machine will then give you a Fastpass with a time designated for you to return at. (Example: 2:35 PM to 4:45 PM)

Who can get a Fastpass?
Anybody that has their entrance ticket that they used to get in that day!

How can I maximize the use of this service?
Glad you asked. Please read on!!!

Some rules regarding Fastpass:

1) You can only hold one fastpass from each park at a time. To get your next Fastpass, you must wait 2 hours from the time you got your first Fastpass or until you are eligible to use it (whatever is first).
2) Each person needs their own Fastpass ticket!

Rides that offer Pastpasses:

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
Indiana Jones Adventure
Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin
Space Mountain
Splash Mountain
Star Tours
Haunted Mansion Holiday (Only Offered From Early October to Early January, Regular Haunted Mansion Offers No Fastpass)

California Adventure
California Screamin’
Grizzly River Run
Mulholland Madness
Soarin’ Over California
Tower of Terror
World of Color


Lone Attraction(s):
First of all, it is important to take note of a few fastpass attractions that are not included in the "network" of fastpass machines. These attractions are Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin and World of Color (As of 11/12/11). In the past there have been more attractions on this list, but Disney has been working to slowly network all machines in each park.

World of Color and Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin do not count as a fastpass against you. This means that you can get a fastpass for one of these attractions and immediately get one for something else even though your first fastpass says you must wait. Take advantage of this! :)


Printed on each Fastpass ticket are two key times to pay attention to. The first one is when you can return, make sure not to show up early because they will not let you in. The other time to pay attention to is when you can get your next fastpass. In order to utilize the Fastpass system the best you can, GET ANOTHER FASTPASS ASAP. Plan to get a Fastpass for your next attraction you want to go on right when you are eligible for another. When you go to a machine to get your next Fastpass make sure that it is valid. If you show up even just a few minutes early, the printed ticket will say that it is not valid and you will need to try again a few minutes later.


The machines will only distribute a set amount of Fastpasses per time slot. Which means that only "X" amount of people are allowed to get Fastpasses on a given day. Make sure to get Fastpasses for the most popular rides early and first. Space Mountain and Splash Mountain are known to run out of Fastpasses as early as 1:00 PM. When they’re gone they’re gone, the machines will not give anymore tickets, at that point you MUST wait in the regular line if you want to ride that day. However, if you do not want to waste part of your day waiting in line, there is always the option of getting in line just before the park closes. Park operating hours designate when they close the lines, not when they stop operating the rides. If you get in line 2 minutes before the park closes you WILL get to ride the ride, even if there is an hour wait. The only exception is if the ride breaks down.


I CAN’T STRESS THIS ONE ENOUGH! You can be late to your appointment to ride! You may have noticed earlier in this guide I said you need to pay attention to your return time so you know when you can get on but simply left out the time the fastpass expires. Well, this is the BIGGEST secret about Fastpasses that there is. FASTPASSES DO NOT EXPIRE UNTIL THE PARK CLOSES THAT DAY. If your Fastpass for Space Mountain says “Return anytime between 10:30 AM and 11:30 AM” this simply means “come back after 10:30 AM today”. You can come hours later than this to ride your attraction with no problem at all. The only exception to this rule is right before closing at the Cast Members' discretion.


So now you know all the secrets to this system. Here is the basic plan if you want to go on AS MANY RIDES AS YOU CAN in a single day:

1) Get a Fastpass
2) Take note when you are eligible for your next Fastpass
3) See attractions that do not offer Fastpasses, shop, eat, etc.
4) The minute you can get your next Fastpass, DO IT
5) Take note when you are eligible for your next Fastpass
6) Ride more rides
7) Get your NEXT Fastpass as soon as you are eligible
8) Rinse and Repeat

On a good day that is well executed you could wind up with 8 Fastpasses by 1:00 (using the dual park approach) and now stroll around and use them all afternoon and evening. Don’t worry about missing your time slot, you can be as late!


Many people like to take it nice and slow and enjoy the atmosphere of the parks. Some would simply rather wait in longer lines and enjoy the atmosphere. This guide was created to give you the knowledge you need to use the Fastpass system to suit your needs. Sometimes there is a person in the group that doesn’t mind missing a single ride or shopping for a few minutes to run over and grab the next Fastpass and immediately return with the group. This can sometimes be the best approach so you don’t have a whole group running around for 20 minutes, just a single person going quickly and returning back in 10 minutes. Having a “runner” or two can make the day feel much more relaxed. When it comes down to it, HAVE FUN! After all, you ARE at Disneyland. If trying to get as many Fastpasses as possible stresses you out then don’t do it! The whole point of this magical place is to “get away from it all” and enjoy yourself! :)


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