Original D Staff


Founder/Owner, Podcast Host, Writer, Editor

Ryan is the owner of Original D and the host of the Original D Podcast. He has been going to Disneyland ever since he was a small child with his family. After moving to Southern California in 2007, he was able to really do something with his passion of Disneyland by creating this website one year later in 2008. His other passions include music, board games, and TV Shows.


Writer, Editor

Matt is an avid roller coaster & theme park enthusiast, having ridden over 130 roller coasters in 30+ parks in the USA and around the world. He first visited Disneyland in the late 1980s, and continues to enjoy keeping himself and fellow Disneylanders updated on the latest goings on. Matt's other interests include Nascar, the LA Lakers & Dodgers, Star Trek, Game Shows, good movies and good friends.



Joshua is a major Superman, Star Trek, and genealogy buff! He is married to a woman who is just as much into Disney as he is! He reads a lot, loves to write, is a Facebook Fanatic, and is really into useless information... especially about history.